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There’s this blog post that i keep going back to reading every now and then because i feel like it’s written for us. Although i have no clue as to who the writer is, I’m sure that she wrote it more probably for herself. It’s about the theory of multiverse or what’s so-called parallel universe.

What if there really is another universe where you and i are together and happy?

What if in that universe, i could freely love you and express it that way it should be?

I keep thinking about it and it is giving me hope. I know this is somewhat close to insanity, but ironic as it is, this is the only thing that keeps me sane at the moment. My love, i still think about you every single waking moment. Yes, there are times that they are not as painful, the memories i mean. But maybe it’s the part of accepting that i cannot do anything to change the fact that i can’t have you. Maybe temporarily. But i’m scared, scared that you have someone else now. Scared that you love me less than how it used to be. I was once your greatest. I’m hoping i still am. The thought of not being one to you is sickening, probably because i was never used to being less to you.

I see you all the time, be it in a song, a movie, or something that reminds me of you and us. But i wish i could touch you again, i wish i could talk to you endlessly like how we used to. It will never be the same. I was thinking about it the other day, told you the reason why i had to cut everything between us. I did it because i love you so much that i’d rather suffer the consequences of what the society think was wrong. Rather than have both of us go through hell, i didn’t mind taking the blows no matter how painful they were. I wanted you to have your normal life back. I’m still suffering, but that’s okay as long as you are not in the same hell as i am. Maybe one day i’ll get out of this mess and find my way back to you. And i keep hoping that when that day comes, you are still waiting for me with open arms.

i love you always.