daily checklist

I am missing you more than usual again. I’ve been too busy with work that i only have time to eat and go to sleep whenever i get to go home (if i’m lucky). I guess i wouldn’t really mind it if i still have you. You always made sure that i eat, eating well and eating right. Or that i sleep as much as i can. Did you know that the last time i actually had a good and restful sleep was when we were together? Because back then, you were there to keep me calm. I can get really high strung sometimes, mostly when i’m busy at work or during my periods. Speaking of which, i wasn’t in a good mood the other day at work and i knew i just had to avoid people or i would blow off. Then i remembered what you said before, that no matter how angry i get, i still look beautiful to you and that you have all the patience and love in the world to deal with it especially during those times. You always found a way to pacify my mood swings my love. That’s probably why i never had to worry about what’s in store because you were always there and you always assured me that i have you to come home to.

Do you still think about me? Do you still remember our days together? Because i still see you, feel you, and think of you every waking hour. It’s like a daily checklist that i have to make sure i accomplish before a day ends. I still dream about you often you know. These days i’m lucky if i get 2-4 hrs of sleep, that’s even interrupted. If we’re still together, i think i’d get more than that. You were just sooo comforting you heal my wounds, be it emotional, physical, or mental.

I miss talking to you my love. All those intellectual conversations as well as the funny ones we had, i still go back to those memories every time. With you i can freely speak my mind, let my thoughts out in the open, and wear my feelings on my sleeves. I never had to worry about being judged or subjected to scrutiny because you always found ways to understand and criticize with justifiable reason. And again i will say this, i love you endlessly.


2 Responses to “daily checklist”

  1. Dahong Palay Says:

    Hello.. After 7 years of blogging i decided to close na si laundrybag.. Not considering na nabura ko pla. 7 years of accout of my life.. Kaso di na sya pde ma recover.

    Just want to recover ung mga friends ko dun.. Please.. Sa facebook lang ako.. bigsmen09

    • sayang naman. 7 yrs din yun. that’s why i’m still keeping mine kasi baka balang araw basahin ko ulit tapos matatawa na lang ako kasi lumipas na yung panahon. anyway, wala akong fb.

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