My love, I’ve been trying to stalk you. haha! I miss you so much, you know. That’s why. Please don’t be mad, i know you’re doing the same exact thing…maybe. So i saw your comment about 15 signs of negative people and surrounding yourself with positive vibes and it felt like it was meant for me. Was i that negative of a person to you? What was it? Too much drama? Too depressing? Too many petty issues? Overwhelming shortcomings? Was i really that kind of person to you?

I really hope that by now your anger have at least subsided a little bit. The thought of it is very sickening still, especially for the fact that you have every reason to be angry at me and i couldn’t argue on that.

But even then, it makes my heart happy knowing that you are probably at least getting by. Not too sure if you’re okay and i can only pray for it, but at least you didn’t kill yourself as what you told me during our last conversations before i walked out of your life. The thought of you being alive is more than enough to keep me sane for now. You don’t know how worried i still am about you. I still ask God to keep you safe always and to shower you with all the blessings you deserve.

I love you very very much.



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