visual art. salvador dali. van gogh. orange tulip origami. tea lights. helium balloons. books. music playlist. white t-shirts. science and technology. medicine and engineering. structures. architecture. sociology and anthropology documentaries. hiking. mountain climbing. running. healthy living. happy thoughts. guitar. washed denim jeans. travels. crossing busy streets. gastronome. peeled shrimps. soy milk. church. family.

I wrote the paragraph above about over half a year ago when i was still in deep sadness because of our breakup. Boy it seems like it was only yesterday. We’ve been separated for over 2 yrs now and though i still love you, it is love in the context of wanting you to have the best that life can offer…with or without me. I think i’ve come to terms with the fact that we really have our own lives now. I still want to know where life has taken you and i certainly have the means to find that out. But i won’t. Not because i don’t care anymore, but because i think it is better for us to just keep things this way. You have your own life now and you have probably moved on. The last thing i want to do is to interject in what it is that you have tried to build from when i left.

I hope you have forgiven me. I miss you.

i love you always





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